Monday, December 20, 2010

Keri Hilson: No Boys Allowed Review

Do you have any idea what a HUGE Keri Fan I am?? Ok, Lemme put you D.... I stalked her career BEFORE it even started after she was featured with the likes of Polo Da Don, Timbaland and Diddy; so you know I was front and center for her Debut "In A Perfect World." && When she released "Pretty Girl Rock" (of course I recieved the song way before it hit radio airwaves) I instantly fell In[LOVE] with it!! After all I AM Pretty && boy do I ROCK!!! lol Moving along I was able to preview "The Way You Love Me" && could NOT stop dancing to it.. Who was excited about her new album?? ME!!! We'll it's here && here's MY take on it

Ok Let me start off by saying I had HIGH Expectations for this album, her new sound, her new look, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it && now that I have it, i question if maybe I expected to much, putting unrealistic demands on an Artist so much so that she was unable to deliver what I was looking for. Could her album be more than mediocre?? What else could she have done?? I began to question my taste in music because I feel more than disappointed when listening to this album.

Let's address NO Boys Allowed --> WRONG!! I was expecting all female features if any, girl power, positivity, feminism.. WRONG!!! She has FIVE features && they are ALL members of the Opposite SEX. Blah!! Not to discredit her features but on an album titled NO Boys Allowed, am I the ONLY person who expected her album to stay true to it's title?? Lets Review the features first.

"Buyou" feat J. Cole - Upbeat song, definitely a club hit, reminiscent of Scrubs, Bills Bills Bills, Get Ya Money Up etc. This song will have a few guys upset and a few females claiming they are getting $$$ that their bank accounts DO NOT reflect *shrugs* Good song though. I like.

"One Night Stand" feat Chris Brown - This will grow on me I'm sure. Listening to it the first few times I was totally turned OFF but maybe it's the title more than the words. Given my disgust regarding behaving irresponsibly, endangering your life, your health by engaging in a ONE NIGHT STAND, the song didn't have much appeal to me. && the mere suggestion of staying "Another Night" would no longer make it a one night stand but hey whatever. Chris Brown songs like himself, nothing out of the norm.. You may like it.

"Lose Control (Let Me Down)" feat Nelly - Keri sings this song similar to the style of Rihanna, in fact I could possibly hear Rihanna singing it and it being a hit. I do enjoy listening to this, another "booty shaking" song. At some point in time she request you to pay to watch her shake, wind, and roll; (Something strange for a piece of change?? Or Am I Reaching??) Stripper Anthem I can see it now. Nelly sounds great, this will not be the comeback he may hope it will give him but it does keep his name out there. Overall a great club song.

"Pretty Girl Rock" feat Kanye West - I mean it's Pretty Girl Rock, I loved the song when I heard it, before they OVER played it on the Radio && all the "Not So Pretty" girls started singing it.. Kanye is Kanye so this is a solid remix.

Now onto the songs I really enjoyed on the album:

"Toy Soldier" - Every girl has come across a guy who claims to be her Prince Charming, who won't do her wrong, someone she can trust and per the usual, is betrayed.. This song is a Reflection of that relationship, the cries, the lies, the betrayal.

"Beautiful Mistake" - Leaving on Good Terms. Every relationship end doesn't have to be thee END, dramatic or nasty. When you engage in adult relationships, where good communication is present and both parties can accept things for what they are you are able to appreciate the time spent fully understanding that it's not in your best interest to continue seeing one another. :) No regrets!!

"All The Boys" The way she sings this song is Incredible* It's just something about it that makes me smile. The relationship where everything just seems to fall into place. Realizing that you haven't been loved until now, this very moment and by _________. Farewell to All the Boys who have ever had the privilege to be in your life and took your presence for granted. What you are able to walk away from determines what you will walk into*

Overall this Album was not exactly what I was expecting but it's not that bad. I would like to have heard a few more songs promoting girl power. My ability to listen to this album straight through is challenged but when the skip button is utilized her album is decent. For those who are true Keri Fans I would suggest you support her project.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Someone Just Had A Birthday.. You'll NEVER Guess Who It Was (Hint Hint)

                                           Can We Say Getting BETTER With Age :)

"I Don't Know Much About Clothes
   But My Hair Looks Fierce!!"
                                                                                                   -Amanda Lepore


Album Review: "Calling All Hearts" Keyshia Cole

Calling All Hearts Album Review: Our Favorite Love Songstress is BACK!!! I swear she never fails to DELIVER* Probably the reason I am ALWAYS (x3) checking for her. On this Album expect to go through the “motions” per the usual she has a song for EVERYONE—-> Here I will list my favorite songs in no particular order—>

“Tired of Doing Me” Feat Tank [Cuffin’ Season Much] Summary: Self Explanatory. Being Single is ok BUUUUT I’m ready to try YOU out :) Yay!! Don’t you just LOVE the feeling you get when you become interested in someone && are anxious to see where things will go?? Yeah?? Me too!

“Take Me Away” My FAVE!!! 5 stars* YES!!! If you are In LOVE, Loving Someone, Thinking about Falling or Wanting to be IN Love this is YOUR Song. This song will be a HIT!

“Last Hangover” feat Timbaland [It’s OVER—> You had your run and things didn’t work out ..We have ALL been here at one point and time, for some, will be returning to this emotion sooner than later..Drinks on Me??

“Thank You” The beginning sort of sounds like “Sent From Heaven” to me, interestingly enough it’s a song with her talking to her Savior and saying Thank You. Something that everyone should say, something that should be second nature given all that HE’s done for us, but fail to say “Thank YOU”

This CD is Classic Keyshia, a few upbeat songs but she doesnt stray from what made us fall in[Love] with her. Any true Keyshia Cole fans are encourgaged to support her movement and purchase her album.
"Thee ONLY Place You'll Wanna BE is Underneath My Christmas TREE!
        Ho Ho It's CHRISTMAS...My Christmas Tree is Delicious!!"
                                                                                                      -Lady Gaga

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I know most of my blogs seem to start off the same way but OMG!!! It's been a while sheesh... I swear if it was not for the fact that I FINALLY got a few followers (Hey yall!!) I prolly would have just said forget it haha. Naw but really it took a while for me to log in.. I forgot the email address I used.. I forgot the password.. I have been trying to log in for about 20 minutes woooooo! Got a lot of catching up to do Sooooo much has changed... had a great fall has been blessed..classes are almost over and new ones scheduled to begin.. not sure when but I will be updating soon.