Tuesday, March 30, 2010

With Love Mimi....

#nowplaying: "All I Have" -Amerie

So much on my mind, it's really crazy.  I have no idea where to even begin..Exes have been on my mind probably because it's the Spring and something about spring motivates people to try to come back into your life, motivates people to reach out..trust me I know because most of them have.  When I sit and think about all the tears, heartbreak..how hard it was to get over each of them, I know it's possible.  This song kind of reminds me of them all bunched together I gave and tried my best but we were all in different places and wanted something the other could not provide.  All the lessons I have learned..gone but never forgotten..they each have special places in my heart, special memories that we shared most of the pictures don't exist anymore, deleted, thrown away, numbers changed..mostly on my part. 

I'll review my past and my lessons..just to get it out of my head & off my brain..

A taught me what being loved felt like but also taught me how to recognize a liar...

L taught me what crazy was, that's it's not ok to put your hands on people and that older people can be manipulative.  L also taught me how to step outside the box, what it was like to live with a person, love a person what a real relationship was.

M taught me that I could be a provider, my generous side came out, I loved all the things M wasn't and in turn M cheated..M taught me how to walk away from something that wasn't good for me and to never look back and I never did.

#21 taught me to try new things, step out on faith, my first long distance relationship, proved me right about them not working but taught me that I could be faithful, I got to travel to see #21, I knew what it was to miss someone.  #21 also taught me to pay attention because when the usual somehow switches up to something different that's what it is && that's what it was. First time I actually caught someone cheating on me.  #21 also showed me a pattern that was used on me && all those after me..that I HAVE to be in a relationship person who jumps from one to the next to the next YET always holding on to the past && trying to find a way to get back..I'm just glad I never allowed #21 BACk into my life.

Eyes taught me it's possible to have a relationship with someone who has kids. Taught me there are a few good peple out there..BUT that they weren't one of them.  My reservations with people with children has nothing to do with the children instead it has to do with the relationship with the other parent.  Caught Eyes in bed w/the other parent..walked away & never looked back

D taught me that the "safe" ones aren't so safe, secretly they play that role but not just with you with everybody. D taught me to expect the unexpected no other lesson other than that....

A came back && taught me people will NEVER change..&& if they do it will be evident in their lifestyle not just their talk..so I WALKED...& kept walking 

C taught me to be friends first..also taught me that people are different when you're friends and when you are involved with the person.  C taught me that friends first can lead to misconceptions,that the person who know's all your weaknesses will play on them.  That it's harder to walk away when you've invested years in a person but that no amount of years will make it work.  C taught me that I needed to place more value in myself, that I was worth more than the way C treated me.  C taught me that it's possible for a person to love your child as if they were their own, that's the most valuable lesson C could ever teach me, the way C loved my daughter, the relationship C had with my daughter was something I loved and adored && valued but C taught me that just because someone cares for your child doesn't mean you have to be with them..doesn't mean you have to allow them to treat you any kind of way.. C taught me that no matter how many times I tried && failed @ walking away ..that it was still possible && that's what I did leaving the remains of a failed friendship, a failed partnership along with pieces of my heart behind..

I've learned so many lessons from all of my experiences, what I want, what I refuse to accept and that it's possible to walk away.  At the times where the relationships came to an end..I cried & I cried..I felt so weak and hurt not knowing that in all my weakness I was strong enough to let go ..not realizing that as I was crying I was steady walking in the opposite direction.. I don't regret anything because I gave "All I Had To Give." 

Lesson Learned: What you're willing to Walk Away from will determine what You will walk into.

with love,

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Early Morning Blog....

A lot has been on my mind lately, it seems so much is going on but isn't at the same time. I'm awake partly because lately I can not sleep, dont ask me why because I do not know. I probably slept all of an hour maybe. I'm really becoming obsessed with natural products and wondering to myself what on earth have I been doing to myself all these years smh, I'll get to that later..

Let me tell you about my granny, she is an amazing woman, the staple in my family and I feel she has been underappreciated for a great deal of her life and by people close to her and that almost brings me to tears.  I'm only talking about her today because she has really been on my mind and my heart lately. The older she gets the more dependent she becomes and I'm having to step up to the plate which I dont mind but it kind of scares me, like what would I do without her?? I'm dependent on her in a way and now that she's dependent on me to an extent it means more responsibilty for me and I dont want to disappoint her.  A friend of her's passed a way last week and she seemed so sad as she should be, but I wonder what does it feel like to watch all of your friends and family members, people you love, leave you behind.  I remember phone conversations she would have with her friends talking about what she would wear and what song to play at her funeral and the older she gets I realized although she outlived most of them she cant beat death.  I'm scared for her, I dont want her to fall (which older people do sometime) I want to make sure she takes her medicine when she is supposed to (but she gets mad sometimes when you ask, like your making her sound irresponsible when sometimes the case may be she just forgot because of her age) I need her to eat right (I'm sure cheese eggs is not something you should eat EVERY day with a cup of Coffee)  but hey she's 83 she's old enough to live how she want to and I dont want to get on her nerves, she must have been doing something right ..right?? I know that when her time comes she will be BLESSED oh yes..for how she lived on earth was ...be back I have to comb her hair...Ok I'm back..she wanted a Jeri Curl and I have no idea how to do it but I tried.  I love that woman, she's everything to me and I'm going to stop talking about her because every time I start the tears well up in my eyes ..ugh!! I'm such a punk.

Wow it's Spring..  :o) I opened my window and saw such a beautiful sight--->

Ok so back to my inability to have a good nights sleep..wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that these last few nights Kennedy has slept with me and I find myself fighting her to stay on HER side smh..kids lol.  I hadn't recieved an email saying my items from My HoneyChild were shipped so I contacted the founder and asked why this was because I ONLY placed my order at like 2am on tuesday, I'm used to products taking about a day to ship meaning processed and shipped as long as the purchase is before 12pm.. But hey dont get me to lying.  Anywho she responded to me and reassured me my shipment would be mailed out today along with the tracking number.  I'm guessing it should be here by sat if not monday..I really hope it's not monday.

Wandering around NC.com and discovering (something I've been doing for a while and not knowing) the CG (or should I say one factor of the CG) regimen which is Co-wash and low or no poo which lead me to investigate some shampoo bars..which lead me to a fellow curlies fotki page she's a PJ like myself, she reviewed them and so I gave in and purchased a few items from ..Ones that sparked my interest. Funny thing--> I dont really use anything on my face besides a scrub every once in a while because my face rarely breaks out but I purchased more of them than actual shampoo bars lol.  && If you did'nt know I'm like infactuated with HONEY right now...you wont catch me eating it but I will be trying it for other purposes such as washing my face... Purchases I made @ 6am this morning from wait for it..wait for it...
Chagrin Valley Soap And Craft
Goat Milk Oatmeal Honey Soap
Carrot and Honey Complexion Soap
Rhassoul Clay and Yogurt Complexion Soap
Mud and Clay Shampoo

That is all for now.  Didn't want to go overboard but I'm looking forward to their arrivals.  I figure I will make purchases about once a week from new places and maybe around end of April beginning of May go a little crazy..just a little ...naw probably a lot.  I already know who I'm purchasing from next week Yay!!

I get to try out my Denman D4 brush today..looking into some protective styles for my hair and trying to develop a hair regimen.  Be back later.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's ARRIVED!!!!! lmbo Oh && A Curls Review...Woot Woot!!

Ok Ok So First lets hop to it..My Packages came today...I mean like really it only took FOREVER..coming from California smh but hey..what can you do?? Exactly...So I impatiently stalked the Fedex man..
&& all my stalking paid off..I got my packages Yay!!!!

I was so excited I almost BROKE my NECK getting up the stairs to open them :o)
Yes I did LINE them up lol && Photograph them..but I did it for YOU not me..wanna see??

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?? I know I know it soooooo totally is, I cant wait to add to my collection. Anywho..Lets get to this review..
Brand: Curls
Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream
Curls Escstacy Deep Condtioner
Quenched Curls Moisturizing Spray
Goddess Glaze Styling Gel
Also on Kennedy the Curls It's a Curl line
Peek-A-Boo Tearless Shampoo
Patty Cake Conditoner
Ring Around the Curlies Leave In Conditioner (sample size of this)

I think All in all it worked pretty well in Kennedy's hair..I'm anticipating similar if not better results when the full size of the Ring Around the Curlies arrives along with the It's Bitsy Spiral Baby Curl Moisturizer.

The shampoo lathered well for it to be all natural, I then conditoned her hair as well as combed it through then applied the Ring Around the Curlies Leave in to her wet hair & that's it.  I think for the most part it helped to define her curls, it definitely added some shine and it's smelled pretty cool.

It's kind of hard to to photograph a toddler lol but I tried..

So all in all given her age and inability to stay still && refrain from putting her head onn the floor..I believe the product worked well for her. I am pleased... Now...on to ME!!
Was I pleased NO!! I washed my hair with the Curlicious Curl Creme && I must say it smelled Divine!!! Like Cake Frosting...Yummers..then I proceded to deep condition my hair w/Curls Esctacy I combed it through and placed a cap over my head and used my Hair Therapy Wrap to complete the process. After rising out the deep conditioner I used the Quenched Curls Moisturizing Spray..Ok first issue..the way it sprays..it doesn't distribute evenly instead it kind of squirts I really don't like that.  It also smells not so pleasing but it doesn't linger.  Next I applied the Goddess Glaze as recommended by Manisha the founder of Curls during a consultation I had with her.  Kind of thick, not sticky or was it?? Doesn't matter I washed my hands afterwards, then waited for it to dry.  Results--> Second Day hair :o( Not that I would mind if this was day 2 but being as though it isnt..we have a problem..here are the pictures-->

Texture Shot or LACK there of smh

It's not the worst..I mean it's not Frizzy but it's not all that defined either..

Another texture shot..
Anywho Overall I didnt like my results but it isnt the end of the world because I brought a large amount of her products and I have to experiment to see what works well for me and my hair.  I have a few other stylers to play with so we shall see. Oh Oh && guess what also arrived today via California

By way of the U.K.
So tomorrow I can condition my hair along with using my Denman brush  && see if we get different results. Who knows..
Now stalking the USPS worker-->
My HoneyChild should be on it's way as well as the rest of Kennedy's Curls products.
Next week I think I'll order from Blended Beauty/Cutie or maybe Kinky Curly..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hi My Name is Mimi && I'm a Product Junkie...*groups says HI MiMi*

Hi My name is MiMi && I'm a PJ


Hi lol My name is Mimi && I'm a 24 y/o 3c/4a Transitioning mother of a 19 months 3b/c and I am soooo new to this and extremely excited about the whole process. I mean I have learned so much about hair by  during my search for all natural products for my transition, reading reviews (which I LOVE!! Nothing better than hearing a persons opinion after using it) and googling the rest haha, I came across the acronymn PJ and learned that it stands for product junkie (the curly hair world has it's own language; PJ, BC, DT etc) && boy oh boy I am becoming one. I want to try EVERYTHING..I wont even tell you how much I spent on Curls products and then Mixed chicks..all before I stumbled upon this site..NOW I'm interested in trying out... (My list of items to be purchased)

Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil

My Honeychild Type 3/4 Hair Creme

My Honeychild Organic Shea Butter Scalp Cleanser

My Honeychild Olive You Conditioner

My Honeychild Honey & Horsetail Reconstructor

My Honeychild Honey Hair Mask

Ok Ok so I OD on the My Honeychild..but those purchases will be made in the near future..but my list doesnt end there...

Curl Junkie Curl Fix Intense Hair Treatment

Curl Junkie Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment

Kinky Curl Curling Custard

Kinky Curl Knot Today

Uncle Funky Daughter's Good Hair Conditioning Styling Creme (I read it's like MC's LI but w/o the crunch)

As for my daughter I am soooo lost...I ordered her the Curls line..but I'm also very interested in Blended Cutie && Original Sprouts && Fairy Tales && Kinky Curls.. I'm tempted to buy them all really. I was leaning towards ordering the Blended Cutie tonight..I'll hold off for a bit. I'm definitely TIRED of the Carols Daughter Tui for my daughter but it does not do enough for her hair...

I need HELP

BTW If anyone has tried any of the products I would love to hear how it worked for you. Thanks in Advance


UPDATE: 3/22/2010 --> I gave in!!! I bought a few of the products on my list =/ LASTNITE lol yep I did it. THis is turning into a serious problem.


My HoneyChild Olive You Deep Conditioner (4.oz $9.00)

My HoneyCHild Honey Hair Mask (4.oz $5.00)

My HoneyChild Honey And HorseTail Reconstructor (4.oz $10.00)

My HoneyChild Organic Shea Butter Hair Paste (4.oz $9.00)

My HoneyChild Sophia's Old Fashion Hair Grease (4.oz $5.50) <--All Natural I plan to use it on my daughters hair when i braid it applying mainly to her hair lightly coating her scalp. Read nothing but positive reviews and found it to be cheap enough to give a try.

All of the My HoneyChild products were purchased from the actual My HoneyChild website. Very easy to navigate, however not very professional, it's hard to locate your cart for checkout unless you add more items to your cart. Also there weren't any pics of what her product looks like in hair for reference purposes. I like the fact that she has ALL natural products and read positive reviews both on NaturallyCurly.com and the site. The prices differ on the My HoneyChild site because they offer smaller sizes at a reasonable price for those who want to try it out.

Curls Itsy Bitsy Spiral Baby Curl Moisturizer ($10.00)

Curls Ring Around The Curlies Leave In Creme (11.00)

I spent about $13.00 dollars because she offers a points system and I recieved 157 points from my first purchase earlier last week and I used those points towards my purchase last night. It was a difference of like 12.50 which I'm undecided about how I feel I spent 167 dollars and I couldnt even get 20 dollars worth of points..Let me not be petty. I ordered it to finish out the It's a Curl collection for my daughter, hoping that it lives up to the pictures and the reviews on the site.

Also while Rummaging through google I stumbled upon a blog http://productjunkiediva.blogspot.co...&max-results=7

(it referenced My HoneyChild also she is a PJ) and she spoke about Rhassoul Clay that's supposed to rid your skin and body of Toxins that lead me to search for a reasonable distributor of the Rhassoul Powder to experiment with my self && I came across this website https://www.camdengrey.com it features everything you could think of && the prices are SUPER reasonable. They offer Raw UnRefined Natural products, butters, waxes, oils, poweders ANYTHING you can think of. Definitely making purchases from this site in the NEAR future. Also great for if you are trying to experiment with making your own homemade hair products



Last Relaxed 9/2009 No BC for me I'm GROWING it out!!!

3c/4a Havent straightened my hair in 2 months Currently wearing a Wash N Go

Experimenting with Curls && Mixed Chicks ..impatiently awaiting their arrivals this week
Update--> It arrived 3/24/2010

My 19 month old daughter Kennedy 3b/3c possibly 4a in the back. Very fine sides.. How do I retain moisture for her curls?? HELP!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Going NATURAL....

Ok ok ok so after years of "thinking" about it I've finally decided to just go ahead && get with the program and just go NATURAL!!! It's like a super huge deal to me because I have always wanted to just did'nt have the balls to do it until I had my daughter.  Kennedy's hair is very similar to my hair back when I was a child, #Fact she actually got her hair not from her father but from ME.  My mother permed my hair at a young age because my sister needed one && because although my hair was curly, it was thick and frizzy making it hard to manage.  When I look at K's hair I love her curls but it's so hard to keep her hair moisturized like OMG..I thought to myself that's probably why my mother just threw in the towel && said forget it PERM it!! lol But unlike her, Kennedy's hair did'nt make me want to give in the towel it made me want to search for products what will promote healthy hair growth and all natural products that will work for her hair.  I want her to embrace her natural hair, to love who she is and to FINALLY find something that will work on her curls.

I think I already stated this before in a previous blog, but if not I get my hair permed every six months.  The last time I had my hair permed it was back in Sept and as the time came to get a new perm I started to question if I wanted to go through with it or if I wanted go natural.  Problem: When going natural because my hair is naturally curly and possibly has more than one curl pattern, along with it's inability to stand humidity, how now would I approach the situation that would make this time different?  There are all kinds of products on the market from curly perms to Jeri curls smh but nothing to really work on naturally curly Ethnic/Mixed hair.  I have tried all the "white people" products that are designed for curls but nothing would work on my curls probably because I dont have "white people" hair. && As far as the black market is concerned they are too busy RELAXING and  TEXTURIZING their hair that they dont really embrace their natural hair.  So on my quest to go natural as I am 7 months into NO perm, what will I do with my hair??

Taking it upon myself to research different products on the market that cater to my hair needs, as well as friends and family close to me that are currently suffering from the same dilemna, I took to GOOGLE!! SN: I LOVE that search engine. Ok, so anyway, I searched for curly hair products that cater to ethnic/mixed hair and came across a few sites that really caught my interest.  But now what?? Well in order to determine which products work best on your curls you have to have your curl pattern diagnosed.  The curl chart ranges from 1 to 4 with letters from a-c assigned to each number.  1 being the straight and 4 being the kinky, a being the straightest and c being the curliest of each hair pattern.  After assessing both Kennedy as well as my own hair I had an idea that we fit in the 3 catergory which is the curls, 2 are waves and 4 are kinks, but wanting to be sure I contacted the administrator of the website and sent pictures of both my hair as well as Kennedy's hair to have it professionally assessed.  The pictures I sent were pics of my hair wet in it's state now as well as close up pics of my new growth to show the curl pattern. After about an hour she contacted me and confirmed Kennedy to be a mixture of 3b and 3c and said my hair is likely to fall around 3c or 4a, I'm betting it's 3c though with possibly 4a mix because there is never just one curl pattern to your curls.  Star References: kennedy's hair falls between: Mya (3b) and Rachel True (3c) and my hair is Rachel True(3c) and Beyonce (4a) .

Wow..I guess I've talked an awful lot already..Sorry but the best way to fully understand something you must become obssessed with it and I am soooo there with hair. In these past few weeks I have been reading about the hair products featured on the different websites, I have also been reading about different hair regimens and what steps should be taken in caring for your curls. For instance you should wash with a cleanser once or twice a month and wash with a purifyer in between, that during your transition your hair will eventually revert back as long as you dont continue to flatiron it and that during this process you should deep condition atleast once a week.  The proper brush to use as well as the different hair styles you can use to grow your hair out.  I dont think it will be that hard for my hair to revert because unlike most people my hair doesnt/isnt straight and never has been the perm just relaxed my curls so I dont have straight ends or straight pieces.  I opted for grow it out and have my ends trimmed every 6-8 weeks instead of doing a (BC) big chop or mini cuts where they cut about 4-5 inches every few months.  I can only imagine the damage that was done to my hair after all the perming but I look forward to stronger longer curls as I continue to learn and love my curls. 

I'm like so excited.  I ordered products from two different websites && will be posting pics of my progress. Wish me luck =). Ps. I dont alter my curls in any way shape or form. I dont manipulate them by twist outs, braid out`s, finger curling I wash my hair and Go period. My current regimen until my products arrive: Wash w/ the purple bottle of Pantene ProV & condition w/the purple bottle, comb the conditioner thru && then rinse then apply a small amount of conditioner in my hand and even distribute that provides enough weight that I dont have to worry about my hair poofying up and becoming a mess. About every two days I co-wash with the conditioner and then apply a small about to my hair that's it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Me + Celibacy...

Yea yea I know it's all late at night or early in the morning but I'm still awake so why not??
So in my quest to regain composure, learn who I am as a woman I decided to take the pressure off of me to have sex.  Yep I said it I willingly gave up sex ON My OWN.  I just felt that people dont value themselves as much as they value sex and in order to fully know my worth I decided to abstain from it.  Born again virgin lol I use to laugh at them until I became one smh.  So here's how I see it..to weed out the bs I get from guys who are only there for one thing but dont want to come out and say it telling them I am not sexually active and waiting until I get married will show their real colors and they wont be around for long; I did however run into a guy who was like "what!!" "why?" "It's too late you already have a kid" smh..poor him I told him I wasnt for him but he insisted until I blocked him smh..some ppl just got get it. So desperate they will try to talk me into it by telling me I made the wrong decision.  Oh well. 

Anyway it has been a difficult process only because when I say something and mean I stick to it.  Before I fully understood what celibacy was I thought I was doing it correctly, you see I dont sleep around if I'm not in a relationship I am not having sex..but while I wasnt in a relationship I would masturbate; only after joining church did I learn that behavior was unacceptable. "What!!' no masturabation are you kidding me!! What do I do with these feelings these urges..surpress them... In the beginning it was difficult everytime i felt the urge I would just go to sleep, or try to pray that God take the urge away but after discussing it with someone who went to my church they told me not to ask God to take the urge away because he might take it away for good so I stopped.  With each passing day it became easier and easier..I got the hang of it now.

Havent had sex since July 4th.2009 (w/ the EX) No oral, no masturabtion ..NOTHING.  How do I feel about it?? I love my decision, I feel like sometimes sex gives the false impression that you love or are in love with someone which is far from the truth...You know how u can LOVE someone's sex and hate them..that's why you only get along when your getting it on smh (me & the ex).  Sex complicates things, people allow their infatuation, sexual attraction get the best of them before fully getting to know someone.  Think about it..how long can you get to know someone, how long will you interact with someone knowing your not going to have sex?? Many people will tolerate someone just so they can have sex, meaning he will take her out to eat, spend all day at the mall with her knowing he hates shopping just because he is going to have sex at the end of the day..But could or would he do it if he werent?? If there were other women out there he could have sex with would her still bother with her ?? Exactly. 

My point is with me and my personality you either love it or you hate it but if you can put up with it ..court it, date it, love it, engage & marry it..you deserve my good.  Very few men will even place themselves in this predicament because it would be a waste of time if they were after "one" thing && furthermore if it's just the "one" thing he is after ...he can get it from anyone else without having to marry me..so why would he play that game??  I believe I have weeded out alot of the bs while getting to know me, allowing the other person to see who I am without the false illusion sex can give and love and value who I am and what qualities I possess that have absolutely nothing to do with the bedroom.  Hey it's not for everybody but it works for me.  Learning self control is something I must say I am proud of..not rushing into anything allowing my body to fully recooperate from the touches, the kisses, the feelings my ex provided...leaving no memory of what it felt like to be with them allows for new experiences and no comparison with my future.  A cleansing of sorts :o)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Quick Recap

Wow once again I have let a long period of time pass before updating..not that anyone is reading this blog anyway due to my inconsistency..lmbo. Anywho here goes nothing. Still in the Pursuit of Happiness and in the process learning to love myself, value my worth, making moves to accomplish goals and be the best me I can be. No I'm not where I would like to be or where I think I should be but I'm happy where I am knowing that I wont remain in this state for too long. A work in progress, so much further than I was last year but not quite where I want to be :) The kid is very active..I swear they grow up so fast..today she said Eat Eat..lol and Ut Ohh and a rack of other things that make me say "what in the world" smh As each day passes she begans to look more like me developing her own personality based off of how I interact with her. The hands on her hip, smiling at herself in the mirror, dancing around the house we have truly come so far. The other morning she woke me with a hug and a kiss on my cheek..life doesnt get any sweeter..learning to be grateful for what I have && not focus on what I dont.

My Trip to the Bahamas..no kid, no phone, no FB, Myspace or Twitter..no OUTSIDE world..just me && my cuzzo & aunt along with several hundred retirees, springbreakers && church folk lol. Can you say AMAZING* A much needed week long vacation. Due to inclimate weather we were unable to stop at Cococay so instead we just docked in Nassau for two days during those days I got to explore Atlantis/Paradise Island, took a ferry, saw sharks & stingrays, visited the beach..played in the water, spoke with natives, did some shopping ..&& enjoyed every minute. On my trip we also got to fellowship with Pastor Zachery Tims and his church New Destiny along with special guests John Gray & Smokie Norful. They offered words of advice, encouragement, workshops, fellowships as well as praise & worship. I loved it..cant wait to go back next year. I wasnt able to Jet Ski or Snorkel, Swim with the Dolphins or Parasail due to the weather as well as prior committments but that's ok there is always next time. After having such a great time I am now planning my next trip which will take place in Dec for my 25th Birthday && I'm so excited =)

Hair News..I get perms twice a year..every six months and as I began to pass my 6th month I am leaning more towards going natural..researching natural hair styles and products. Was thinking about creating a hair blog so everyone could go through the transition with me as I use and discover the different products that work for me, try different hair regimens and my overall journey from permed to natural hair.

Relationships/Trust/Self-worth/Understanding/Forgiveness/Openess/Courtship/Marriage--> All things I look forward to discussing in my future blogs. I've said so much ..documented my last relationship as I'm sure many of you read..not only was it unsuccessful but unhealthy as well..I'm now becoming one as a person, whole, unique and developed in my singleness. Learning who I am as a person, what I bring to the table and what I want and look for in a future mate. Having a clear understanding of who you are and being comfortable being you is key in developing a relationship with someone else. Everyone has insecurities so it would be unrealistic of me to portray myself as having none..but I refuse to let them hold me back from experiencing a good, productive, healthy courtship. I have so much to share but this blog is already so very long..maybe I will return later on today to finish up..BBL