Monday, September 21, 2009

How undeserving I've been
Went the OPPOSITE and turned my back on HIM
So quickly I forgot that he breathed life into ME
He caught me before I fell and STOOD me to my FEET
He watched me Pray night after night..
saw that I BELIEVED
When the time was right he did INTERSEDE
and again he SPOKE LIFE
then revealed himself to ME
Angered by how long it took I questioned his INTENT
How it mustve broken his heart to watch me go AGAINST
My praying Ended my heart became STONE
Why Father God would you break up my HOME
No mother No FATHER Dont I deserve LOVE??
I lost sight of my Faith set aside the Lord GOD above
Lost and confused I fell from his GRACE
from one dimension to another till I fell on my FACE
Just when I was DONE couldnt take ANYMORE
Heartbroken,Deserted,I CALLED for the LORD
I cried and I cried Oh Lord GOD How've I sinned
You dont LOVE me Father God Im UNDERSERVING!!
But I give you all of ME, I know U STILL CARE
Every step in the wrong direction I KNOW u were THERE
I know it mustve have hurt you, the things that youve SEEN
But from my Demonds you FOUGHT and DELIVERED ME!!
Once again You SPOKE LIFE oh how You set me FREE
Father what have I done that in ME you BELIEVE!!
For I dont have your EYES so I do not SEE
But you again to your child you REVEALED yourself to ME
So I stand before you HUMBLED and TRUE
As a Witness, your Daughter, dedicating my LIFE to YOU!!
Starting from SCRATCH Do with me what you WILL
I want Talk RIGHT, I want to walk RIGHT I want to MOVE RIGHT
I want to Sleep RIGHT I want to EAT RIGHT
Through ME others will SEE that YOU STILL LIVE!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blessed and Highly Favored

I havent blogged on here in a while It's crazy when I was going through the storm I blogged everyday almost..and now that the storm has passed I havent allowed you guys to see my attitude and my new beginnings.

I cant even begin to tell you just how blessed I am. My testimony speaks for itself. I went to church today and was reminded just how blessed I am that God took me out of my situation and delivered me from all the hurt and pain and confusion I had been going through. Mmmmmm it feels so good...I feel so free. To think where I would be had he left my side..I thank him everyday I was able to be DELIVERED from my storm with knowledge to not only get back to where I was but knowledge to further myself not only as a woman of God but as a mother, sister, daughter and friend.

I love him because he knew exactly what I needed and when I needed it. If he does NOTHING else for me in my life..he's ALREADY done so much!! Thank you Father!! I give you praise!! Only you know where Ive been and what I've been delivered from...when no one else was there..HE WAS!! When no one cared..HE DID...when I didnt feel worthy enough to be loved..HE LOVED ME..and NEVER turned his back to me..When I'm alone and dont have no one to call on...I call on HIM!! Oh what a wonderful feeling. Order my steps..I know where I came from and will do whatever it takes to WALK INTO MY DESTINY..TO FULFILL MY PURPOSE!!!!

Many of you may not understand where I'm coming from..but it's not for everyone to understand..but the JOY I feel right now..he's is working on me...and I am working on myself...and I'm in a better place all because of I give him all PRAISE. I give myself to him wholeheartedly..for I am nothing WITHOUT HIM!! This life is not my own..I want nothing more than to PLEASE be an empty vessel for him to use..Mmmmmm It feels so GOOD to be in such a space ...a place where you feel acceptance, love and care..enabling you to GROW..Mature..and DEVELOP into a better..patient..understanding..positive Woman.

I'll try to update my blogspot every few days and share my growth with you. =) Until the next time..Be Blessed.